Monday, January 19, 2009

The First Snow

First, I got ready by putting on my snow suit that Grandma Judy gave me.
Then I went out and started playing. I gathered together some snowballs in case of a sneak attack.
We took my picture next to a snowman that was, literally, a head taller than me.
When I got tired, I took a rest by a tree.
Mommy carried me around a little bit. I tried to lick snow flakes off her face.
We met two little girls who wanted to pet me. They were nice.
I made snow angels. It's much easier when someone picks you up so you don't leave any foot prints in the angel.
Mommy carried me around some more.
Then, Daddy brought me inside and we had baked apples. Delicious! I hope it snows again soon.


Linda&Steve said...

Great fun in the snow.

Linda&Steve said...

DId Daddy tell you about the big trees and the snow ?