Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today's bris was conducted by Cantor Phil Sherman, the E-Mohel. He does an excellent job. It was a beautiful ceremony. My brother, Richard, his wife, Cecily, and Jennifer's brother, Joseph, and his wife, Orly carried the baby to and from the Chair of Elijah.

The man pictured below is my father, the Sendak. He did a very good job of keeping everything in place while the mohel did his business.
Afterward, I told everyone the origin of Joshua's name:

Our new lttle boy's english name, Joshua, and hebrew name, Yehoshuah, come to him in honor and memory of my mother's father, Julie Bass. His second name in english, Louis, and in hebrew, Eliezer, come to him from Jennifer's mother's father Louis Krieger and my father's father, Louis Stein. These were all great men who loved and cared for their families.We hope that the strength and inspiration he will gain from carrying their names will lead him to a long, health and happy life.

Additionally, his middle name, Louis, is a link back to Joshua's older brother, Daniel Louis, who we remember and love and hope will look over Joshua throughout his life.

We are grateful, also, to G-d and to all of you, our friends and family, who have supported us and allowed us to arrive at this day.

When it was all over, we went downstairs and enjoyed some 2nd Ave Deli.

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sestein80 said...

I was curious to see if Joshua had a presence on the internet; surely he does!

It is an honor to be the first comment on Joshua Louis's blog! Welcome to the world and to the world wide web.

Joshua's Bris was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. While we learned that upon turning 13 a boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah, a boy does not become a Bris. There is actually a process through which a male needs to go to enter the covenant with G-d. The Mohel was swift and Joshua was seemingly complacent.

It was an honor to be present for such a joyous occasion. Supposedly when I was a baby I was once called the human mezzuzzah because every time someone passed me, I was kissed; I believe that Joshua may now be the human mezzuzzah.